New addition to our kitchen

This is a day of prints! Lots of prints!

# – Leg crossed.


# – Leg bent.


# – Back.


Psychedelic zebra print top from Asos. Leopard print jeans from Forever21. Anchor print shoes from Tesco Lotus. Monogram bag from Louis Vuitton. 

# – The shoes.



We went to the last day of Maybank’s Treats Fair at Mid Valley with only one mission – to get a deep fat fryer.

The fair was crazy packed but we managed to get in and out within 1/2 hour.

At first I thought nobody was offering it as every merchant was pushing air fryers (which in my opinion is just an overpriced toaster oven) but in the end we found our deep fat fryer!

A Kenwood that is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon. Score!

It is pretty good looking too compared to the clunky and badly-assembled models we’ve been seeing at local electrical shops.

# – Metal mouth alert. Been a while since I smiled with my teeth visible.


Though we had to top up RM52 on top of ALL the points my card had, it was totally worth it.

We then left Mid Valley and headed to our neighbourhood supermarket for a lot of frozen nuggets, drummets, calimari rings etc. We also bought 6 litres of cooking oil.

# – The husband looking at nuggets.


# – Our new deep fat fryer.


# – First batch of nuggets!


# – Frying away with no oil splatter and smell.


# – Perfectly deep fried nuggets.


# – And perfectly fried potato wedges.


A common misconception is that deep fried food is unhealthy due to the grease but actually when fried with clean oil at the right temperature, it is less greasy and healthier than a plate of stir fried food #truestory

Not saying our frozen nuggets are healthy though hahahhahahaha

So many things we can do easily now… buffalo wings, churros, chuyauchar, deep fried Mars bars, deep fried fake crab meat, homemade crisps and so many more possibilities!

Good thing we got this after the treadmill hahahah.