It is my 29th birthday

Since it is my 29th year on this earth, decided to wear something snug and not very comfortable…lol

# – Leg crossed.

# – Leg not crossed.

Dress bought in Bangkok. Love the detail on the dress…got it at a steal like RM25 or was it RM30. Either way, a steal cause it is made of nice breathable but sturdy material. Heels from Payless Shoes and bag from ri2k.

# – Curve enhancing lines.


So it is my birthday. My 29th to be exact. I decided on a quiet celebration this year because the husband and I will be going on a month long holiday next month and I want to conserve energy and $$$ hahaha.

Gawd, that is so nauseatingly sensible! That said, I am quite happy despite the lack of fanfare.

Hubs has given me a week-long free pass to have him do anything for me (that is within reason) and so far I have gotten him to take me out for nice dinners, buy lots of KFC so that we can eat fried chickens while watching Suits together and clean the house.

# – Tonight I demanded beef tartare and hubs drove me to Bangsar for my fix.

Truthfully, I love the mellow domesticity.

Most times my brain said I want a designer this or the latest that but really, I just want to stay home and snuggle with my husband and dog in a clean home. I feel best when I achieve that, I feel contentment.

I need to learn to listen to my heart more.

# – Happy 29th birthday to me.

29 years and still figuring it out. No shame in that.