The honeymoon’s over.

The honeymoon’s over. Work is popping up everywhere. 3 events in 2 days. More next month. It’s f-king awesome.

And it sure is great when the company of your favourite product approaches your for service too. I’m not revealing much but all I can say is, I’ll probably gain a lot of weight from it, LMAO.

I went thrift shopping with my boo’s mom. We got the same dress, size 14 for her and size 6 for me. RM39.90 for two! Hehehehe.

Here’s me posing in the dress with my ladybird jude bag gotten at a steal from the flea bazaar at The Curve. It’s only RM15.

Mind you it was 3am and I was in the midst of work. Repeat after me, camwhoring with fresh shopping loot is de-stressing.

Thrift shopping
Quirky, skanky and velvet ftw.

Thrift shopping 2
Coy pose with cold expression, not very ngam.

Thrift shopping 3
My new favourite bag

I’ve got quite a lot to post really but I need some time to gather me thoughts. My mind is everywhere!

12 thoughts on “The honeymoon’s over.”

  1. Yeah, agree with Suan. The bag and dress don’t match.

    But… 3 events in 2 days?!?! Good luck Kim, you’ll need it. :) Can I guess if the favourite product is Nike?

  2. pt: thanks!! i love it too :)

    arth: tbh, i absolutely trust your taste and style! haha

    singzee: ooh u must have thought i got ripped off aye? there were RM10 ones selling too, but the nicer ones were RM15 lor hehee

    simon: ooh thanks for the compliment! lobster is teh hawt!

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