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Nuffnang on NTV7 !

Got the headup from Nazrul that Nuffnang will be on NTV7 during the 8pm news (thanks Naz!) so I set up my tripod and camera in front of the tele. Settled down to watch Deal or No Deal to kill time. One of the best local shows ever in my opinion, the ads are not too long and the host is awesome. No fake accent, I like. A bit of googling later, I realised that he’s the dj on litefm…the Non! How could I not realise that? Men with good voices usually don’t score much in the looks department but Non is so handsome….. ngehehehe.

Oops digressed.

Right after Deal or No Deal came the 8pm news. The newscaster mentioned Nuffnang and the boo hit the record button but guess what came on the camera display? “Memory card error”. WTF I panicked and screamed unmentionables at the boo (poor thing). So he fumbled to unscrew the camera from the tripod, replaced the memory card and since there was no time to set the damn thing back on tripod, boo had to record the news with his hands.

Hence, the senget clip…

Thank goodness NTV7 has had the news clip archived and I’m able to post it here…

I’m glad that I’ve stuck with Nuffnang from the beginning and there is no doubt in my mind that Nuffnang is the front runner in Asia’s blog advertising scene.

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