January 18, 2008 - Narcissism is Necessary

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Random pictures from the past weeks.

Was just looking through the pictures I took with my N95 in the past weeks.

Lunch with Kelvin at a japanese restaurant in Plaza Mont Kiara.

Kelvin Tan.
Kelvin with his V-for-victory for convincing me to splurge on a pair of overpriced jeans.

Met up with my collegemates for Song Yia‘s farewell dinner. Gawd, have known these people for 6 years. I feel so old!

L-R: Ryan, Song Yia and Alvin.

The first time I wore my newly acquired faux croc skin pumps.

Faux croc skin pumps.
Pain is necessary.

A camwhoring session one morning. Operative word being “morning”.

Operation Gormless. Status: Success.

At Starbucks with Timmy.

Timothy Tiah in Starbucks.
Timmy and the portrait of a man who needs more coffee. Way more. Buckle the hell up, Starbucks!

Have a great weekend, people!

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