58 kilos

It’s now 4.30am. I’m supposed to be in bed by 12am but got prompted by the Suan about Air Asia’s free tickets. So the boo and I stayed awake to plan for our impromptu family vacation. We managed to beat the online booking frenzy and got the tickets for free! W00t! The excitement has passed but I can’t seem to fall asleep.

Oh, of course. I’m on a diet too. Being hungry makes me damn cranky. I remember my heaviest ever on the scale was 58 kilos. I was 17 and it was horrifying. And guess what, I’m tipping 58 kilos again. It’s not as scary as I remembered…I’d like to call it maturity but I think complacency seems more like it. So yeah, I’m cutting out supper. More running. More power stepping.

Remember this 58 kilos of goodness while it lasts.

If only I knew a way to keep the boobs cause I sure love how they look now.

4 thoughts on “58 kilos”

  1. So, just 50 kilos more and you can weigh the same as me! :-)
    Keep eating. Add Oil, add oil! :-)
    [p.s. You can have some of my fat to put in your boobs if you need them] :-)

  2. Aiks! I totally understand how yuu feel. I hit 60 now but I am happy with the size of my boobs had grown to. Hah! However, just like yuu now, I am on diet too and working out and it’s sad that the size will shrink soon. :(

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