Spring cleaning time.

Mom’s foot is still a little sore so I’ve been staying at my parents’ to help out with the spring cleaning in time for Chinese New Year. My room was like a war zone with clothes strewn all around the floor. I couldn’t be bothered to unpack and was wearing clothes straight out from the suitcase.


Messy 1.

Ugly sheets
Ugly sheets. Mommy, I’m not four anymore

Messy 2.
Messy 2.



A little better..
A little better….Check out my children’s chair from Tesco. I can sit on it comfortably, thank you very much.

Red sheets ftw.
Red sheets ftw.

And some bad camwhoring for your viewing pleasure…

Kim in PJs that boo will probably hate.
Me in PJs that I’m certain boo will hate. Sorry folks, nothing from La Senza here.

Happy Chinese New Year!