Happy at Happy :)

The good folks at Happy, or Happiness Generators (as they like to call themselves) recently held an event for us bloggers at Cafe Libre. You know those events where everyone looks constipated, the food is pretty but teeny and everyone speaks with a fake accent? Well, this one was not one of those.

Although I skipped badminton for the event, I managed to recoup my share of exercise on the Nintendo Wii. It was my first time, and I’m in love….

Highlight of the event? Meeting Edmund the Swifty! It’s been forever, dude!!!! Oh yes, of course I was celebrity stricken when the owner of My Women Stuff introduced herself, wish I had chatted more with you but I was so shy!!!

Here are some obligatory photos…

Food at Cafe Libre.

David Lian
David Lian, the best PR in the world.

Movie Trivia time.
Movie trivia time. See how intense everyone was..

Hula hooping.
David managed to get us to hula hoop in public. What did you put in our food!?

The Happy Generators also announced a blogging contest with lucrative cash prizes ranging from RM5000 to RM1000.! All you have to do is to blog or make a video about your happy moments and then submit it to Happy Moments. Make sure to read through and digest the submission guidelines here.

I’m ready with my pen and paper cause I’m bent on winning that 5Gs :D