Facebookholics Anonymous Bonding Society (FABS)

Getting suckered into the world’s most effective time waster is no child’s play. It came to a point where therapy was needed to break away from my addiction. When I discovered Facebookholics Anonymous Bonding Society (F.A.B.S), I was overjoyed. The first FABS meeting was held at The Attic, Bangsar.

FABS meeting.
Going cold turkey was discouraged at FABS meeting. Everyone was allowed to access Facebook as part of a systematic weaning.

Mei Ling and Mei Yun.
Mei Ling and Mei Yun.

Clockwise from left: Dinesh, Isaac, Syaf, Charmayne and Maria.

Fiona and Kimberlycun.
Fiona and Me.

Kelvin and Kimberlycun.
Kelvin and yours truly.

Kyan and Kimberlycun.
With Kyan. Kyan is the founding father of FABS.

Alex and Kimberlycun.
Alex the aspiring dugong with an actual dugong.

FABS Group Pic.
Clockwise from left: Kimberlycun, Kelvin, Mei Ling, Mei Yun, Kyan and Fiona.

FABS Group Pic
Meeting 1: Facebookholics Anonymous Bonding Society

Kyan, Charmayne, Alex, Kelvin, Lorraine, Mei Yun, Mei Ling, Dinesh, Isaac, Syaf, Fiona, Maria, Biresh, Nazluna, Chocky and Senthil, thanks for a smashing time!

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11 thoughts on “Facebookholics Anonymous Bonding Society (FABS)”

  1. Hey…… I know Fiona Reutens, she’s my highschool senior. JENGGGG! What a small world :) I’m in FABS too but meeting location is a problem for me :s

  2. Hi Kimberlycun, i just want to ask you what did you use to cure/prevent your eczema? and do you have any pantang larang? I had a relapse again and again. The cream i’m using- Fucicort doesn’t seem to be working. grr….
    Sorry i know this has nothing to do with your entry.

    admin: hi babe, pls check your email! good luck.

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