Scrabs defeat.

I’ve lost so many games of Scrabulous it’s making me depressed. My self-esteem is taking a hard blow.

Damn it I’m never good at board games. Chess, scrabbles, draughts shit whatever..I always lose. Why? Am I retarded or something?

The only thing I’m good at is chor tai dee. Wtf?

I feel like a complete dumbass.

21 thoughts on “Scrabs defeat.”

  1. instead of whining how much u suck, work at it until u’re good at it. unless u think u must be born talented b4 u can win? anyway however good u r at it, there’s always someone better.

  2. sighh same boat. maybe we should both stop playing scrabulous with our boyfriends.

    eh come we double date on scrabulous. then we gang up against the boys!!!

  3. Obviously the game in question now is No Limit Texas Holdem. Screw scrable. Who makes enough money playing ‘pro-level’ scrable. =/

  4. why do you assume you would be good at scrabble? just because you think you can ‘write’? hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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