Independence Day

Broke out my new baby for the weekend…my all Italian leather baby.

# – Legs crossed.


Top from Nichii. Shorts from don’t know where. Shoes from Vincci. Bag from Prada.


I knocked out on the sofa last night till 3pm today. Tidied up the house a bit and packed away our luggage bags.

Hubs helped by re-arranging our fridge magnets.

# – All in order.


Then we had hokkien mee for dinner. Omg so goooooood!

# – Nomnoms.


Now at home watching a kungfu movie set in ancient China made by RZA of Wu Tang Clan. Black guy speaking mandarin and Russel Crowe playing a sex perv with white guilt.


Interested? It is called Man with the Iron Fists.

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