Too busy to have a holiday withdrawal

And then we’re back to doing this in front of my permanently stained mirror that’s giving me a lot of grievances.

# – Trying to look perky.

Dress from Nichii. Necklace from Bali. Shoes from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k.


Did not sleep at all and went straight to work. Don’t normally shower in the morning but this time I did cause I had time. Blowdry my hair and all too.

Mad catching up with work. Didn’t even feel sad about not being on holiday anymore.

Then all it took was one traffic jam.

Made me feel like my existence was meaningless and useless. Like this is NOT how lives should be lived.

I should be looking at a snow-capped mountain from a picnic bench because that is what I wanted. Argh!

Luckily, my day was salvaged by vinegar pork trotter. I wonder the strength of good food sometimes. How much can it stop my mind from going full retard.

# – Fatty, lovely pig feet stewed in vinegar.

Lets see how long I can do this.