19th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This is a cheat because I totally forgot to take picture on this day. Namely cause I was feeling crappy our holiday was ending soon and it was our day in so I was dressed a bit too comfortably.

Hence the delay in posting all my posts for the past week. FML.

This is a reenactment of what I wore lol.

# – Reenactment number 1.

T-shirt’s and shorts origin unknown….


It’s our day in after an intense day before at Alton Towers.

We hung around at home with mom and chilled.

# – Simple bacon and eggs for lunch by mom. Oh so delicious!

We really didn’t do anything so I started taking pictures of my mom-in-law’s house, which is decorated really eccletically.

Love the house, just full of characters!

# – The kitchen window.

# – Ornaments and glasses.

# – Dining table.

Then we ordered dinner from chinese takeaway called Wing Sing, which is owned by Gareth’s friend.

# – Yummy yum yum dindin.

We had crispy aromatic duck, chop suey, noodles, chips and curry, spare ribs, salt & pepper squid and hot & sour soup. Too much food lol.

Then I started packing a little bit and went to bed.