12th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at the garden of Versailles Palace.

# – One leg forward.


Top trifted in Bangkok. Shorts from Bangkok. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger.Bag from Louis Vuitton. Sunglasses from Bazarro.


We slept in till about 3pm as we were so tired from our little misadventure the night before. Decided to do an impromptu picnic at Palace of Versailles’ park.

So we dropped by a supermarket to pick up some supplies.

# – Shopping.


# – These mini Heineken bottles would be perfect for me.


When we reached the park, we only then realised that the park was freaking MASSIVE! As in you seriously need to drive from one area to another.

We gave up walking and decided to park our asses at one of the empty benches along the long, huge path towards the actual picnic area. Haha.

# – Cured meat, cheeses, sardines, caviar, liver pate, olives etc.


We really enjoyed our picnic. I might have eaten for 3.

# – Hubs making one of his weird sandwiches with crisps, Boursin and ham.


# – My Boursin, pate and caviar sandwich.


After our meal, we walked back to our car and drove to somewhere nearer to the Palace, where the grand gardens are located.

My gawd, they are epic! Trees, bushes and flowers perfectly manicured, grown into large intricate patterns covering acres and acres of land.

# – Amazing!


It’s baffling how people from hundreds of years ago could design such epic gardens without the use of a computer.

# – Again, pictures can’t do justice to its epicness.


I mean I tried to design some plant arrangement at our little porch and that had given me such a massive headache I gave up on greeneries shortly. We only have two Ikea money plants to our names now.

# – So symmetrical. So magnificent.


We hung around for a couple of hours without even really noticing time passed. It was really pleasant, just sitting down quietly, taking it all in.

# – Us.


Apparently the inside of the palace is amazingly beautiful but we didn’t go in. Didn’t feel like queuing up.

After the visit, we went to a brasserie for some snacks.

And then we decided to look for the actual Arc de Triomphe after yesterday’s blunder.

# – We found it! Pretty impressive.


We also drove around the infamous roundabout. It was pretty tense! Cars were coming from every direction trying to get into one of the dozen exits. Madness!

# – Video of the drive.

Then we drove to Eiffel Tower again and hung out at a nearby park for a couple of hours. We had a great vantage point so we just sat on the grass and stared at the tower.

# – Beautiful!


After the tower, we drove down Champs Elysees. Saw some dude getting bashed up on the street by a group of people #truestory

# – The Avenue of Champs Elysees.


And then we stopped by a kebab shop on the way back to our hotel.

# – Perfect finish to a nice day :)