5th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

Taken at some highway rest stop between Belgium and Luxembourg.

# – Leg bent.

Shirt from Forever21. Shorts from Bangkok. Scarf from don’t know where. Shoes from Bangkok. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


After a nice breakfast at Restaurant Sainte Catherine, the one below our hotel in Brussels, we made our way to Luxembourg City in Luxembourg; a 2 hour plus drive.

# – Our simple breakfast.

The drive was pleasant and uneventful and we reached Luxembourg in no time.

Such a beautiful country. My pictures can’t do justice to it :(

# – The Passerelle that was built between 1859 and 1861. It is massive!

# – A terrible picture of the Aldophe Bridge, built between 1900 and 1903. I blame the direction of the sunlight.


# – I wuz there!

# – Luxe in Luxembourg.

Had some mediocre food….mediocrity probably exacerbated by my teeth, which had decided to move A LOT today #braces

Then we drove to Germany, specifically Karlshure – an intellectual city famed for science and tech. The driving was interesting as Germany has possibly the worst highways we have encountered in our trip so far.

It was scary to drive in the dark as there’s no street lights or adequate reflectors for the entire couple of hours journey. Roads also not that smooth by Britain’s standard.

And cars were going fast on the autobahns. AND we were driving on right side, which is permanently unnerving basically haha.

What a surprise, thought the Germans would make better roads. Maybe it’s just the one we were on.

# – Mercedes taxis. No big deal…

# – At Karlshure Central Railway Station. “Hauptbahnhof” means main station. I googled.

Speaking of the German language…we were wondering why there were so many roads on the highway going to this curious place called “Ausfahrt”.

Discovered later it means “exit”.

Checked into our hotel which is right next to the main railway station and went to McDonald’s for supper.

# – Porked up, fast food style.

They have Mcflurry Bounty, arghhhhh!

Anyway, we are sitting in our hotel lobby, leeching wifi, figuring out the next leg of our journey and of course blogging.

Till next post!