Manicure, ice-cream

Sorry for this nonsense of an outfit haha. Was busy running errands the entire day and  took only one picture of myself…without pants :P

# – Sitting down as best as I could.


Top from Puma.


Got my nails done after two whole months. Saw Whey Lu’s orange manicure and I knew I want it.

# – A Man-darin by OPI.


I am a regular at Color Culture in 1 Utama. It’s my favourite place cause their gel manicures don’t give me allergies and the staff are all local.

After my manicure I tried out this ice-cream place while on the way to my car called Just Like It.

Actually for the longest time I didn’t have any idea what they sold…I remembered seeing them started out with staff wearing gimmicky lab coats and using lab tools but no mention of food.

# – Vague name and description.


The staff are still wearing gimmicky lab coats and they are still using lab tools but at least now they have a sign board that lists out all their products – ice cream.

Basically what makes them different from other ice-cream shops is that they make the ice-cream on the spot, using liquid nitrogen. Pretty cool.

I chose hazelnut with cheese crackers. Really enjoyed it; rich, creamy hazelnut ice-cream with savoury and crunchy cheese crackers running through.

# – Hazelnut and cheese cracker ice cream.



Just Like It
1 Utama (same floor as GSC in old new wing)