18th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

Taken at Alton Towers! Looking like crap but no choice have to post. English cream cakes are making me puffy…

# – Dressed for cold weather but crap it was warm.


Top and trousers from Bangkok. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Bag from YSL perfume.


We went to Alton Towers!!!!

This is one of the trips that I most looked forward to, cause I loveee roller coasters!

We went on almost all the big rides except the “The Smiler” as it was closed :(

Nemesis was awesome but not scary.

# – Nemesis.


# – Part of the track on Nemesis.


I think the scariest ride for me was Thir3teen which had quite an ordinary track and cars but when when I thought it had stopped, suddenly the track fell 5 metres down and went backwards in pitch darkness. Walao I really screamed….thought I was going to die.

# – The Oblivion just before plunging into the black hole.


Oblivion was pretty good too despite being a pretty old coaster. It was the first in the world to plunge down vertically. My heart did skip a beat on the way down.

We were on Air as well, it felt like we were flying, pretty cool.

Alton Towers is massive! It isn’t just a theme park, it has a beautiful garden too.

We were there until closing time then we left Alton Towers and headed to Stafford for indian food at a place called Panache.

# – Half eaten before I remembered to take a photo. Delicious!


Then we drove home and stopped by Tesco 24 hours on the way to grab some snacks.

Used a self-service cashier for the first time. Pretty nifty.

# – Look ma no people!


Got home and knocked out straightaway.