21st day of #KimGarethEurotrip

It’s our last day in Europe :(

Mom made us a full English breakfast for lunch.

# – Complete with black pudding…so delicious.

I was really sad. We had such a wonderful time, we didn’t want to go come home to Malaysia.

But we had to.

After lunch, we drove back to London, specifically Heathrow. Dropped off Fresh Milk, our rented car which had served us so well during our trip.

Before we knew, we were in Heathrow Airport. Claimed tax refund for all the shopping we did and had a nice dinner in Cafe Rouge.

Finally got to eat my duck confit, of all places in a french restaurant in an airport in London. It was really good though.

While q-ing up to check-in, a flight supervisor approached us and offered to give us exit row seats because she noticed Gareth’s height. We were so pleased!!!

Now that’s service for you, bet things like this don’t happen in KLIA.

We did a bit of shopping to use up our British pounds. I got a travel makeup set from Lancome because finally found one with colours and stuff I like.

# – No excuse to look like shit now.

Then we flew. Flight was comfortable and felt fast. Sitting next to a skinny guy that didn’t smell weird probably helped. I had good flying fortune for this trip, our journey there I sat next to a skinny guy who didn’t smell weird too.

And then we were back in KL. Ate bak kut teh in Kepong for dinner.