9th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was hastily taken at the carpark of Seravelle Designer Outlet.

# – One leg forward.


Dress from H&M. Scarf from don’t know where. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from Louis Vuitton. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


We woke up, rather eager to leave Milan and head towards the cold and calm of Chamonix-Mont Blanc, a town at the French Alps.

However, there’s one more place I really wanted to see in Milan; a cemetery.

The Cimetero Monumantale is apparently the most beautiful cemetery on the planet. I tend to agree.

# – The central building at the cemetery.


# – Some of the tombs.


# – A nice park-like place.


# – More tombs.


After the cemetery, we decided to have a quick visit at Serravalle Designer Outlet, which is 60km from Milan, before making our way to France.

# – Seravelle Designer Outlet.


Our “quick visit” turned into 5 hours of shopping. Our plans to reach Chamonix-Mont Blanc while there’s still light so we could see the French Alps completely went into the crapper.

# – Hubs & our loot.


Finally we had to peel ourselves off the gounds of the outlet and made our way to see the French Alps and glacier from the town of Chamonix-Mont Blanc.

We reached after 2.5 hours drive and sure enough, it was already dark. I was starving but most places were already closed.

Finally we found a place that opens till 2am. It is in a basement of a really old building. Was skeptical but had no choice.

# – Hubs and booze at La Caveau.

Well, as it turned out the food definitely was one of the best meals we had on this trip!!

# Escargot, frog legs, tartiflette and creme brulee.

So, so yums. Especially the frog legs….I could lick the plate clean!

We are back at the hotel now. A little too excited to fall asleep because we can’t wait for daylight to break cause we want to see the French Alps!

Mont Blanc pen I saw before lah but the actual Mont Blanc? First time leh!