8th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at the Duomo.

Dress and belt from Bangkok. Pouch from YSL perfume and sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Sunglasses from Bazzarro. Camera from Canon (tourist alert!!)


We were totally taken aback by the weather in Milan, Italy. It was like being in Malaysia but hotter, FOL. Just a day ago we were in the cold weather of Swiss Alps then suddenly sweating balls.

No stopping of our epic journey though. We took the Milan underground to Duomo. It was 4.50 euros for a day pass…can go anywhere within 24 hours.

# – There, obligatory I was there, DONE!

Took a picture and then ran to the nearest shopping mall for lunch.

We ate at a restaurant called Obika Mozarella Bar which is rated quite highly but the best thing about the place was the view!

# – Overlooking Duomo, baybeh!

We had an epic lunch of mozarella degustation and cured meat platter. So, so, so nice T-T

# – 3 different types of mozarella – creamy, strong and smokey. Don’t remember the Italian names already.

# – Oh my lard. The antipasto was mind-blowing.

Aftwr lunch we took the underground or as the Italians call it, Metro, to Sforzesco Castle.

It was really hot so we made a pit stop at Bar Castello for some drinks.

# – My mad drink of lemon gelato, sherbet and sorbet.

Then we walked over to the 15th century castle. There was a massive fountain at the entrance and locals were dipping their feet in water in the hot sun. So I joined in!

# – Super cool water. Ahhhhhhhhhh…

Also made another video.

# – Italy by Gareth.

Sforzesco Castello – what a beautiful place!

# – Nice.

# – At the castle’s courtyard.

# – Need to google this one.

We hung around a bit, chilled at the park and then made our way back to hotel. I wish we could stay longer because the castle is a haven of many mini museums and exhibitions but we were too late :(

We got back to hotel, turned the aircon to maximum chill and got naked. What a relief from the heat.

So yeah, if you’re ever thinking of going to Italy, not in the summer please. The heat was almost unbearable at times. Most business are closed during summer as well.

At night, we took the underground again, looking for dinner. After coming out of the subway and walking for about 4km….the restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed. FOL.

We decided to just eat at another restaurant we saw while walking called Norman’s. It was a great decision because we managed to eat the best pizza we have ever had in our lives T-T

# – Olives, artichokes, tomatoes, mushroom, parma ham…omgs

# – The simple pasta was really nice too. Sauce made from fresh tomatoes.

# – And I couldn’t resist a beef tartare. Beautiful…

# – Some kind of mille feuille. This was like *angels sing*

# – Husband having an espresso at 11pm. Wtf.

Then, we made our way back to hotel, happy and satiated.