20th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

Thankfully remembered to take picture on this day. Taken outside mom-in-law’s house.

# – My schizo getup.

Top from Bazarro. Shorts from Bangkok. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Sunglasses from Religion.


We visited Aunt Christine and Uncle Ken in Birmingham. Aunt Chris made us a delicious lunch!

# – Yummies!

It was nice catching up with Aunt Chris, Uncle Ken, Deb and Gracie the Alsation!

After that we visited Gareth’s friend Chiu who owns the chinese takeaway, Wing Sing. Chiu’s family was from Vietnam.

We saw his mom and wife and 2 cute daughters. It was quite funny, his mom who has mild dementia kept telling me that England’s great and that we should move there so that they have more chinese friends and also that I should have 5 babies. Hahahhahahahahhaha.

I didn’t take any picture cause I didn’t want to seem weird. Wish I did.

Then we went home. Me and mom-in-law made Gareth baked scones hehe.

My husband actually makes really good scones. I have blogged about it here.

# – Good hubby and son.

We ate the scones with mom’s homemade strawberry jam and store bought clotted cream. None of those nasty fake whipped cream we get in Malaysia.

That was our dinner basically. By midnight we were hankering for a good kebab. We couldn’t miss Worcester Kebab, it is the best kebab in the world in my opinion. I last had it 6 years ago and I never forgot it.

We’ve had kebabs in Paris, London, Australia, Malaysia too but none, and I mean none come close to the awesomeness of Worcester Kebab.

# – Worcester Kebab.

The portion is just ridiculous. The meat so juicy and succulent with the special sauce. Packed with lettuce and jullienced carrots as well as pickled chillies. All served on a soft, fluffy thin bread. Hot damn…

# – Miss it so much!

Bad picture, sorry but you can’t take an elegant picture of Worcester Kebab.

After a good nom, we hit the sack.