We are going on a summer holiday

Blue is really my favourite colour.

# – Looking at my phone.


Dress worn as top from H&M. Houndstooth print trousers from Bangkok. Sandals from Tesco. Bag from ri2k.


We have been planning for our major Eurotrip the past few days (ok more like the husband has been planning while I nonchalantly surf Airbnb/Agoda) and as our plans start taking shape…..so is our excitement!

Just a few hours ago, we broke into a dance after crossing paths in the kitchen. By dancing of course I mean facing each other holding hands, jumping repeatedly while singing, “We are going on a summer holiday……..”.

Yeap, really excited!

The last time we were in the UK was 2008 in Birmingham, Liverpool, Minehead and Blackpool (where I bought far too many bags of penis-shaped candies). This time we will fly to London first, and then…who knows???

It is rather stupid but I am most excited about going to Alton Towers heh. Followed closely by driving on San Bernardino Pass T-T

Just a couple more days to go!!!