And September starts….

Slept like 14 hours straight…wtf

# – Legs crossed.


Dress from H&M. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from Prada.


Woke up at 4.30pm after about 14 hours of sleep. Mad!!!

So annoyed with myself to have wasted a whole day just like that.

Anyway it’s the first day of September. The final 4 months of the year starts now. What have you done?

I had Japanese food for dinner. Then watched a movie at home called “Robot and Frank”. Sweet storyline, funny at some parts. Heaps better than that RZA crap we watched last night.

Almost 12am now and I am in bed ready to doze off. Seriously my body is reacting badly to this jetlag thing. Nights!

One thought on “And September starts….”

  1. Kimberly, recoverng from jet lag is no fun. You had a bigger share flying back from the UK.

    You wear that black dress very well, simple, stylish and appealing!

    Interesting shoe collection in the background right. Are those 4 or 4.5 inch heels on some of those shoes??

    BTW, enjoyed your travel adventures immensely.


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