Homecooked food

Woohoo I live Fridays!

# – Smile awkwardly.


Dress worn as top from Sally Fashion. Jeans from Zara. Flats from Hanoi. Bag from ri2k.


Productive day at work. No complaints.

Was stuck in jam on the way home and was worried that dinner would be even later as I was supposed to cook.

However, I came home to a chicken and vegetables roasting in the oven.

Ahh my hubs, am a lucky girl :)

Hubs told me he researched a long time for the perfect recipe and I must say, he didn’t waste his time reading up.

# – Hubs’ roast chicken.


It was really delicious. The chicken skin was crisp, the meat was tender and moist. Beautiful!

Then I made hokkaido chiffon cakes for dessert because the husband lovesssss them. He always buys them from our neighbourhood bakery.

It’s my 2nd time making these and I cheated by using Bird’s custard for the filling. It worked really well though.

# – Homemade Hokkaido chiffon cakes.


Think am going to make more tomorrow. Hope I won’t be too lazy then.