Not bad Monday

Dressed for comfort…

# – Legs crossed.


T-shirt from don’t know where. Trousers and belt inherited from mommy. Necklace a gift from South Africa. Shoes from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k.


Woke up at 5am today. Wish I could voluntarily wake up this early.  It’s quite nice….

I did some house chores and had a cup of tea on the porch. Cleaned up my deep fat fryer too!

Used the fat solidifier bought from Daiso a while ago.

# – RM5 for 3 litres of oil.

Left for work to let it work its magic.

# – It worked!

The empty packet is meant to be thrown into the oil as a warning to deter others from using the oil.

# – Thrown into rubbish bin.

Better to discard the oil this way then pouring it down the drain.