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Dental emergency

Wow my 100th outfit!

# – Leg out.


Dress thrifted in Bangkok. Scarf was a gift. Bag from ri2k. Flats from Hanoi.


My molar band popped out after a slightly vigorous  flossing session which forced me to make an emergency trip to the dentist today.

# – The band.


My doctor was really pleased with the progress of my teeth movement. He happily took out the cast of my pre-braces teeth and wow, what a difference!

He also warned that he would have to close the 4 gaps made by the 4 teeth he removed, which means….. rubber bands. Am so not looking forward to those :(

The price of vanity!


I made oyakodon, a Japanese dish, for dinner today… using fake dashi stock –  really diluted marmite soup with a splash of nampla and soya sauce hehe. Yeah, am so pleased with myself…

# – Taste better than it looks.


It was really delicious, if I can say so myself :D

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