Saturday of friends

Yay weekend is here!

# – Dressed for a hot day.


Dress with T motifs from Bangkok. Sunglasses from Religion. Bag from Longchamp. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen.


Had a nice girls only brunch with Ee Laine in Bangsar.

# – Banana leaf rice yums.


Hung out for a bit then came home to make more Hokkaido chiffon cakes to bring to Ee Laine’s mooncake festival house party.

Doubled up the recipe and tweaked the sugar content. Hubs said the previous batch wasn’t sweet enough.  This batch did taste better than yesterday’s attempt I must say.

# – More hokkaido chiffon cakes!


Great food (paella and yakitori from Grill Sargent, noodles from Ee Laine’s mom and potato salad from Ee Laine) and great company. Happy to see the gang. It’s been a while!

Forgot my phone so no pictures :(