Double happiness!

Greasing up my new camera.

Boo got me a pristine Nikon D70s! Sorry, no toys for n00bs like D40 for me, hell yeah! Watch this space for loads more pictures of myself and other inanimate objects in the future.

Then, as I was playing coy at my boo’s office (cause he’s been such a sweetie mah)……

“Ban” coy.

…..he surprised me with the news of the greatness named Tiesto playing in Port Dickson on May 9!!!!!!!!!

Tiesto’s gonna be in town! w00000000000000000000000t!!!!

D70s and Tiesto, name me a better double happiness to beat that. Hehehe.

7 thoughts on “Double happiness!”

  1. New camera huh? Very nice… Guess you can now take those high-resolution photos I’ve been looking for… And instead of “inanimate objects,” how about “intimate objects”? I like the first photo a lot btw, think you could do the exact same thing again but this time with your lips open? ;-)

  2. have anyone told u that u actually look like reese withaspoon??

    admin: you’re not the first one…prolly the witch’s chin :P

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