i want to blog but i haven’t downloaded pictures from my phone. soon! my twit a while ago should shed some light….


just got back from watching Up and District 9.

love Up /sniffs i live for old couples still in love. notebook. britain’s longest marriage. i heart!!!

love district 9 too. makes me wish i could keep a young alien for pet. and vapourise bad people. or shoot bad people’s heads off.


i still haven’t managed to use any new $$$ note. they hating me or something? atm’s been giving me only old notes? i’m feeling left out.


my little brother nicklaus has passed his driving license. i’m so proud. daddy if you’re reading this, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY HIM A CAR YET BECAUSE HE’S INHERITING MINE. in 6 months :P sorry bro.


emocharlie is refusing to eat in the morning unless i fed him. wtf is wrong with the boy?


my clothes are looser but i feel more bloated. wtf?


i’m gonna be an unmarried housewife soon. bliss :)



4 thoughts on “ran.dom”

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