Project renovating has finally started!

Finally we have appointed a contractor for our house renovation. You will start seeing a lot of postings about its progress, our joy and pains on this blog.

I really can’t wait to move into a home of our own. Can’t wait to cook in my kitchen (you may not know but I really enjoy cooking) and throw a lot of parties. Oh my gawd, can’t wait to finally install a washing machine and have fresh laundry everyday!! Heaven knows how many times I’ve had to dress like a banshee because my clothes were still at the dobi :P

What about suzyganas, my poor Suzuki Swift that has to endure sun, rain and dust on a daily basis parked illegally outside our current rented apartment. But most of all, I can’t wait to start having a family of my own and by that I mean me, the bf and Charlie :D Right now there’s no baby room on the agenda…just a walk-in wardrobe hehe.

Let’s just say I’ve never been so happy seeing a massive rubbish bin :)

8 thoughts on “Project renovating has finally started!”

  1. Congrats on the move from apartment into landed property. I *ahem* decorated and project managed the renovation of the apartment I am living in with m husband now and couldn’t be prouder of it.

    It is truly a great accomplishment to see it all materialise from sketching to finished home.

    PS. Personally, even with your own washer / dryer, you probably won’t last with your planned daily washes for long. You get lazier by the day. You could be more disciplined than me though.

  2. Hey I share your sentiment; I’m also in the midst of renovating, and while it was loads fun, the selection process of tiles, paints, windows, doors, brands, showers, heaters etc etc sometimes will just make me go bonkers!! But it’s fun :)

  3. winniekepala: thanks!! notice some pictures of your house on your CNY post I think you did a fantastic job! i just hope i won’t annoy my contractor too much.

    eric: haha good lah. at lot of ppl are always wondering how to get the rubbish skip and now they do!

    chai heng: tbh, im not looking towards all the material selection but you gotta do what you gotta eh :)

    ky: yeah, finally! thanks man

    mark: well, the planning process is fun. it’s the looking for the right person to do it at the right price that’s daunting. but it’s very satisfying when you land the right people for the job. good luck to you :)

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