March 8, 2010 - Narcissism is Necessary

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For the love of stinky, gooey yellow substance with some pepper and soy sauce.

BF drove like a mad man to Cameron Highlands that we reached there 1.5 hours before everybody else. So we slept in the car right opposite Starbucks in Tanah Rata till one of his friends knocked on the car window. Now the whole world knows what my face looks like when I sleep. I think my mouth always opened one, actually I don’t want to know. Seeing all of them have cameras, I hope none of them took any picture of me with my mouth opened and saliva flowing down my chin on the side -_-

Waking up at such ungodly hours in the morning made me cranky mad woman, but if I were fed properly, started bad can also end well.

And the best thing to feed me is none other than soft-boiled eggs. Who love soft boiled eggs? I do! If I could eat them for breakfast everyday I would.

Toast and soft-boiled eggs.

I love it with my toast, over my rice, noodles & steak.

But above all I love it most on its own <3

And because it makes me so strong I can carry this ginormous lens that weighs about 20kilos (for like 10seconds) and cost the price of a small car.

This is not a filler because I love soft-boiled eggs that much it deserves a dedicated post :P

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