Honey the funny maltese.

Yesterday we went to M’s house for some homemade nasi lemak. It’s so awesomesauce I had two full plates of rice -_-

Just looking at this makes me hungry.

While we met up with nasi lemak, Charlie met up with Honey.

Charlie getting acquainted with Honey.

Honey is a fluffy maltese and she has like a million expressions! Very small, feisty and cute max!

Uwah, looks like she loves gwailou too.

And murruku.

Both full and happy.

Suddenly stoning.

And she turned around and stoned again.

Then suddenly attacked the camera lol.

Oh uh, kena punished by her sick owner.

She’s got this obsession with licking air and it’s fucking hilarious!! Urm, we made her lick holes.