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You don’t need an internet connection!!!

Wow, end of March. How time passed. Hurm, actually this is a filler. I made a pact with myself to blog everyday of the week except the weekend and I’ve successfully stuck to that for the past 3 weeks. So yes, although I’ve completely nothing to blog about, am going to post this up anyway…while I’m still outside having dinner no less. WordPress on blackberry ftw!

Anyway back to this current post, like I said, I’ve nothing to write about…but I did have a very interesting conversation with my mom this afternoon. She was having trouble logging onto her twitpic account and after some sherlock holmes style investigation, I was pretty sure she got her password wrong. Mom, however was very insistent that she had typed the correct password so I told her to change her password which obviously got us to a dead-end, cause she couldn’t see the damn password change link.

Anyway, I began to teach her how to check her twitter password (which is same with twitpic) on her internet browser (firefox), telling her to click Tools then Options etc etc. But mom was like “It’s raining here in Genting, the celcom broadband is shitttt now”. So I gently explained to her that she didn’t need an internet connection to find out the settings on her browser but mom was like “You don’t understand is it? Internet down, nothing is loading!”. So I repeated myself again that she didn’t need any internet connection to do what I was about to teach her. At this point, mom has begun to sound exasperated by it all. And honestly, I found it so tragic and hilarious I was stifling laughter while walking her through it, hehehe.

However, about 10minutes of back and forth later I didn’t find it so funny anymore :P I had to calm mom down and basically raised my voice at mom without accidentally cussing. MOM, YOU DON’T NEED INTERNET CONNECTION TO CHECK THE SETTINGS ON YOUR BROWSER. IGNORE THE CIRCLING THING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIREFOX. LOOK UP! LOOK UP! TOOLS IS SAME ROW WITH FILES! LOOK UP! LOOK UPPPP!

Then she quietened down and next I heard on the phone was “Oohh”. OMG, I was relieved beyond comprehension.

And after it was all done (obviously she hadn’t typed in the correct password earlier), she thanked me on where else, but Twitter :)

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