Project renovating has finally started!

Finally we have appointed a contractor for our house renovation. You will start seeing a lot of postings about its progress, our joy and pains on this blog.

I really can’t wait to move into a home of our own. Can’t wait to cook in my kitchen (you may not know but I really enjoy cooking) and throw a lot of parties. Oh my gawd, can’t wait to finally install a washing machine and have fresh laundry everyday!! Heaven knows how many times I’ve had to dress like a banshee because my clothes were still at the dobi :P

What about suzyganas, my poor Suzuki Swift that has to endure sun, rain and dust on a daily basis parked illegally outside our current rented apartment. But most of all, I can’t wait to start having a family of my own and by that I mean me, the bf and Charlie :D Right now there’s no baby room on the agenda…just a walk-in wardrobe hehe.

Let’s just say I’ve never been so happy seeing a massive rubbish bin :)