I have an imaginary fiancee

I had a weird dream. In it I was in a family gathering where I was meeting up with my fiancee’s family members and friends for the 1st time. The thing is I have completely no freakin’ idea who this fiancee was. I mean, I could see his face and all but I have never met and do not know who this person is in real life. I know his name is Nicholas because in the dream, his “friend” came to me and said jokingly, “Ah! So you’re Nicholas’ housewife!”.

But I remember an intense feeling of love and attachment towards this Nicholas whom I do not know or have met in real life. I have to be frank it is damn weird because I woke up still feeling rather attached this Nicholas who is a figment of my imagination and suddenly everything in my real life didn’t seem matter so much. Have you ever felt like this before?

It’s so unnerving now because now I feel like perhaps my life is not going where it’s supposed to be but in the dream I felt utter contentment and peace. I’m talking crazy now. The boyfriend (the one in real life) would probably feel pissed off reading this but I think it’s better that I’m cheating on an imaginary lover than a real person :P

What the fuck is wrong with me??

And I thought long and hard about revealing this and in the end, I thought what the heck I might as well. My imaginary fiancee, Nicholas looked like a younger version of Sam Elliot -_-