Crackberry Addict in the Making :P

Yes, I have formally, officially and irrevocably jumped onto the Blackberry bandwagon. I got my Blackberry Bold 9700 or better known as the Bold2 yesterday and got my BIS activated just 1/2 hour ago. And already I’m facing problems of PIN requests by people I’m not really close with :P This is going to be a willllld ride!

I love my new phone. I love, love, love, love the push mail feature (the main reason why I decided the switch to BB in the first place). I love the applications, they are nifty and user-friendly. My only gripe right now is the lack of a really awesome twitter application. I had used Gravity all this while and in my opinion is the most powerful & user-friendly twitter application in the market. Oh well, but UberTwitter is not bad enough to cause me any noticeable discomfort. Besides, it’s got the auto-complete feature for Twitter names, which is great!!!

With my Bold 9700.

My fingers are already aching from typing so much.

Probably why if you’re considering getting a BB, you ought to read the below :D Capacitive touch screen won’t cause aching fingers!!!!


Can you imagine how awesome it’s going to be to have a full touch phone with the powerful features of a Blackberry. You get be practical without looking boring! Blackberry Storm2 9520 is designed for the trendy and lifestyle conscious because even behind great looks, there must be substance.

For more information on owning the coolest phone in town, Blackberry Storm2 9520, log on to:

Syarikat Sin Wah – A Sewing Wonderland!

Remember my convertible dress project? Well, the project compounded the urgency for me to get a pair of tailor scissors and I’ve finally found it!

At first I had no idea where to go because I had never been to a shop that sells tailoring stuff in my life. Except for the one that my Mom used to go hem her curtain but it’s too tiny and uninteresting for me to go all the way to Cheras for scissors :P

So thanks goodness for Twitter! All you need to do is just ask!

So yesterday, I made my way to PJ Old Town to find Syarikat Sin Wah. It was located on the row of shoplots just next to McDonalds (imagine if you’re facing the road from Mcdonald’s, the row of shop is on your right).

When I walked into the shop, I was in awe!

Walls of buttons.

Walls of fabrics, threads & laces.

Beaded ribbons.

I wish I could take more pictures but I was afraid that my sniper happy behaviour would make the owners (an old couple) uncomfortable. Lets just say that my pictures are not doing the shop justice. There are so many stuff & tools for craft as well as things for making both malay & chinese weddings favours.

I even saw some faux leather fringes that I think I could work with in some future sewing projects! For a short while, I almost forgot the actual reason I was there…

I asked the aunty what sort of scissors is best for a beginner. She asked me whether I sew curtains or clothes. I said clothes. Then she said I should get something lighter for easy maneuvering although the heavier & more expensive one would last me a long time.

Heeding her advice, I got this pair of beauty:

Only cost me slightly less than RM30.

I can’t wait to go back!!!

No.64, Jalan 1/19, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, D.E, Malaysia.
Petaling Jaya
46000, Malaysia

Tel: 603-77826989
Fax: 603-77823989

My very 1st visit to Nuffnang KL office in THREE years

Yeah, damn embarrassing, right? I know. Can you imagine that I have never been been to Nuffnang‘s KL office despite being one of the first Nuffnang bloggers and sometimes PR consultant until TODAY. I also don’t know why :P

Left side.

Right side.

The office is three times bigger than I had imagined! Has definitely shed it’s start-up vibes :) The first thing I did when I was there was to try out the infamous Nescafe beverage machine.

Making Tim wash a cup for me. Head shaking so fast, means not happy or very happy hehe.

Milo coming out and into the cup!!!

The milo was very nais! Then Tim showed me around the office and look at this!

So many snacks -__-

If I worked at Nuffnang office, sure will become very fat. There were a few familiar faces and A LOT of new faces. Very happy that Nuffnang is growing at such a fast but steady pace :)

One of the veterans, Ah Robb walked in on me with a camera and almost instantaneously sucked in his cheeks so he could look slim in pictures.

Coincidentally, it’s Yee Hou‘s last day with Nuffnang :( For leaving Nuffnang, he’s made to wear something very animalistic…

Got a wedgie?

Why the elephant got pierced nose one?

Camhoing with Cik Segar.

And I got to taste Michelle‘s jelly, he he he he. It was very nais!

After hanging out there and disrupting everybody’s work so long, I hauled my ass back home.

Guess what I found?

Smells like a combination of Robb and Yee Hou.