Crackberry Addict in the Making :P

Yes, I have formally, officially and irrevocably jumped onto the Blackberry bandwagon. I got my Blackberry Bold 9700 or better known as the Bold2 yesterday and got my BIS activated just 1/2 hour ago. And already I’m facing problems of PIN requests by people I’m not really close with :P This is going to be a willllld ride!

I love my new phone. I love, love, love, love the push mail feature (the main reason why I decided the switch to BB in the first place). I love the applications, they are nifty and user-friendly. My only gripe right now is the lack of a really awesome twitter application. I had used Gravity all this while and in my opinion is the most powerful & user-friendly twitter application in the market. Oh well, but UberTwitter is not bad enough to cause me any noticeable discomfort. Besides, it’s got the auto-complete feature for Twitter names, which is great!!!

With my Bold 9700.

My fingers are already aching from typing so much.

Probably why if you’re considering getting a BB, you ought to read the below :D Capacitive touch screen won’t cause aching fingers!!!!


Can you imagine how awesome it’s going to be to have a full touch phone with the powerful features of a Blackberry. You get be practical without looking boring! Blackberry Storm2 9520 is designed for the trendy and lifestyle conscious because even behind great looks, there must be substance.

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