Who do they look like?

Blogging live from Nuffnang Malaysia office hehehe. Got everyone to wear my awesomesauce glasses so I can laugh at them ha ha ha!

#1- Michelle

#2 – Fresh

# – Robb

# – Jestina

# – Karen

# – Nicholas

# – Penton

# – David

# – Firdy

# – Tim2

# – Linda

# – Sarah

# – Rachel

# – Rina

# – Jackie

# – Yuhan

Who do you think these people look like?

My very 1st visit to Nuffnang KL office in THREE years

Yeah, damn embarrassing, right? I know. Can you imagine that I have never been been to Nuffnang‘s KL office despite being one of the first Nuffnang bloggers and sometimes PR consultant until TODAY. I also don’t know why :P

Left side.

Right side.

The office is three times bigger than I had imagined! Has definitely shed it’s start-up vibes :) The first thing I did when I was there was to try out the infamous Nescafe beverage machine.

Making Tim wash a cup for me. Head shaking so fast, means not happy or very happy hehe.

Milo coming out and into the cup!!!

The milo was very nais! Then Tim showed me around the office and look at this!

So many snacks -__-

If I worked at Nuffnang office, sure will become very fat. There were a few familiar faces and A LOT of new faces. Very happy that Nuffnang is growing at such a fast but steady pace :)

One of the veterans, Ah Robb walked in on me with a camera and almost instantaneously sucked in his cheeks so he could look slim in pictures.

Coincidentally, it’s Yee Hou‘s last day with Nuffnang :( For leaving Nuffnang, he’s made to wear something very animalistic…

Got a wedgie?

Why the elephant got pierced nose one?

Camhoing with Cik Segar.

And I got to taste Michelle‘s jelly, he he he he. It was very nais!

After hanging out there and disrupting everybody’s work so long, I hauled my ass back home.

Guess what I found?

Smells like a combination of Robb and Yee Hou.