Who do they look like?

Blogging live from Nuffnang Malaysia office hehehe. Got everyone to wear my awesomesauce glasses so I can laugh at them ha ha ha!

#1- Michelle

#2 – Fresh

# – Robb

# – Jestina

# – Karen

# – Nicholas

# – Penton

# – David

# – Firdy

# – Tim2

# – Linda

# – Sarah

# – Rachel

# – Rina

# – Jackie

# – Yuhan

Who do you think these people look like?

22 thoughts on “Who do they look like?”

  1. fresh: yes…am on a mission now!

    mell: lol yeah he does!

    michelle: cannnnnnnnn

    firdy: i like u too!

    st: coz only she can make emo hot! lol he gonna beat u!

    ky: it’s flyday!

    niki: hahhaa yeah they do!

    merryn: coz he got nice sharp nose. /envious

  2. Quoting Yuhan: “I pity my pot of lime!”.

    Hahaha, yes we are huge fans for his blog… I alone contribute to 50% of his traffic.

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