Your 5 minutes of life is better spent watching my video.

I found the latest Gisele Bundchen ipanemas at 1 Utama and bought two pairs! I’m playing smart now, I figure by the time I wear out the 2nd pair, the new designs would have come out and so I wouldn’t need to search for them like a mad woman anymore. They’re the most comfortable and durable footwear I’ve ever worn!!

Gisele Bundchen G2B ipanemas.
My babies :)

The electricity suddenly got cut off today. Went to Secret Recipe to work from 11am to 4.30pm. They didn’t have wifi, so thank goodness for 3G. I brought my phone charger too so that the phone won’t die one me half way.


After work…I dropped by the neighbourhood stationary shop to get these tubes of magic. Currently, my favourite thing to play.

Plastic Bubble.
Once pop, you can’t stop.

Eh, they are not edible. In fact I’ve made a video of how to use them.

Check it out, it’s more than 5 minutes of goodness and it’s SAFE FOR WORK!

Did you watch from the start till the end?

27 thoughts on “Your 5 minutes of life is better spent watching my video.”

  1. Hi there, just wondering, how much is a pair of Ipanemas in Malaysia? It costs about AUD40 here in Melb, and if it’s cheaper back in M’sia, I’ll just wait to get mine when I get home :)


  2. crysv: thanks v :) yeah nostalgic, isnt it :)

    simon: it was edible. hehe shows your age, aye??

    fishfish: lol i hope it’s 5 mins well spent! lol thanks :)

    time: i got mine for RM69.90 a pair. def cheaper than melb…but don’t wait too long! even when i was buying they seemed to have ran out of certain colours and sizes!

    paris: 69.90 for a pair now cause it’s still new. but i could wear em for anything and they seem to last forever.

  3. OMG. What a coincidence. Saw them on Suan’s site, and then now here, and I’ve been googling trying to find WHERE I can find them. Which shop in One Utama yea? And how much? thankies thankies

  4. Well, the ‘demo’ is done too seriously. Hehe! Like how our science teachers demo experiments in labs in those days.

    I recalled we love to smack the whole bubble onto the head/face of ourselves/friends as punishment for losing some games/bets when we were kids.

  5. sharon: studio R for RM69.90! good luck babe.

    diehardx: it’s a serious game! smacking the bubble onto someone’s head is awesome, lol

    michelle: yeah they were smaller last time. now got industrial size!! smells stronger too..can get high hahaha

  6. Babe ar… I want a pair of Ipanemas too.. my current one so ugly d! =( I will need to get one b4 i go to Bangkok! so I can shop till i drop without any worries that my legs will get hurt.

  7. Hahaha…I want the Ipanemas too!! *conspires to wear them to work*

    Oh, and man, I miss those bubble thingies…can get high on the smell…*cough*

  8. Rachel: buy a new pair!!

    beetrice: hehe i used to wear em to work, and the latest pair is good also. coz u might just get away with all the blingsblings on the strap!

    wenqi: i like to pop behloon. can i pop your behloon wwq?

  9. omg, that must be the funniest video on how to do a double bubble ever. i always used to make a hole in the 1st bubble and then stick the 2nd time and blow the other bubble inside. not every successful tho :(

  10. this ipanema i seen it most of the day till i wana puke liao…haha

    i still think the white and gold more nice n pretty… ;)

  11. Heya!!! When I tried to play the video it said:
    This video is no longer available.
    What did you do? Insult a politician or something??? :-)

    [Of course, I’m worried something might pop up saying my comment is no longer available too].

  12. kristine: lol funny meh? eh if u made a hole in the 1st it will shrink what…

    anon: you work for ipanema or something???

    3point8: wah….

    dabido: eh it’s available! maybe you insulted a politician or something? :)

  13. Woo… All this while I’ve been taking out the straw wrongly. And I’ve used so much more goop (spelling?) to make a single bubble – 1 tube doesn’t last long :(

  14. nicholas: my mom taught me to use my lips to seal the balloon right after pulling out the straw. then i saw someone doing it this way and it looked way better than fumbling to kiss the balloon hehe

  15. I did insult a politician. In fact, I keep insulting them. :-) Isn’t that they’re job? To get insulted????

    Okay, I’ve seen the video. Guess what? I got all excited and ran into the lounge room and said to my mother, ‘Guess what? Remember when I was a kid in Penang and I used to make those bubbles out of that bubble maker stuff?’
    My mother just gave me a weird look and went, ‘Yeah. So?’ lol

    It’s not available in Australia. I wonder if it’s toxic???

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