April 25, 2008 - Narcissism is Necessary

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My latest horrifying experience.

I have an event tomorrow, football related. Going to be loads and loads of fun. I even got a little football goal and baby footballs for some mini contests tomorrow.

Trying to draft some emcee script with my crap knowledge in football. Help anyone?

Anyway, I thought I was not going to blog but well, girl needs to de-stress a little.

I just splurged RM600 on a Canon all-in-one. OMG I’m in love, I can’t stop scanning documents…..

Canon Pixma MX318

A printer now, maybe an office soon? :D

Oh yes about my blog title. Damn it I thought I almost lost a big toe.

I was just moving back and forth with my office chair and then suddenly I felt an intense pain around my big toe.

I looked down…and CRAP.

Stuck big toe.

My right big toe was stuck between the two wheels of a roller! MOFO it was damn painful.

So I tried to yank my toe out but it was stuck. And I panicked for a moment.

“SHIT I CAN’T WORK WITH 9 TOES TOMORROW!”? Then I started to whimper by myself (no tears yet) and then an idea struck me.

I lifted up the bloody chair and voila, my toe popped out…albeit a little sore.

I still have 10 toes thank you very much. And I think I’m gonna go put on a pair of socks :P

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