i am stupid.

Had an important meeting with a potential client yesterday. I was prepared, done my research, covered all my bases. Made my way to the office, thought I was going to get lost in the industrial area but it was surprisingly breezy to get there. The office is very nice, I hope I’ll have a nice office like that soon.

Parked my car and walked to the mezzanine area. Pushed open the glass door. It won’t budge. Kept pushing. GrnggggGrnngggGrnnng. Lady at the reception was waving at me frantically. Then it hit me. Oh!

I pulled the door handle me and got in. (Grins sheepishly)

Apologised to the lady about the door episode and asked for the person I was meeting. Was asked to go up to 3rd floor. So I went to catch the lift. Waited a bit and finally got in. I was alone.

Lift doors opened and I stepped out. All glass panels. Locked. Hurmmmmm.

Fortunately a woman was coming out of the office, told her about my meeting and she let me in. She asked me to wait in the conference room while she get the person I was meeting with, W.

5 minutes passed. Then 10 minutes. I was fiddling with my phone. Checking comments, reading emails and facebooking. Suddenly this woman, huffing and puffing came into my room.

“There you are!”.

I thought she was W. And then she was like no, “I’m not W, I’m just here looking for you!”.

I went “Huh?”. “Meeting’s at the 3rd floor”, said she.

“Isn’t this 3rd floor???”, I asked. “No, this is the first”.

“But, but…I pressed 3”.

“Heh, this is the first floor”.


She took me up the ACTUAL 3rd floor and I finally met up with W. Had a laugh over it.

Gawd help me please not to commit faux pas like that in my next meeting!!!!