Proof that the Brits are a bunch of sickos.

Miss England.
Finalist in Miss England, Miss Surrey.

Chloe Marshall is the teenage beauty queen who broke the mould by becoming the first size 16 beauty queen contender to make it to the finals of the Miss England contest.

And now she reveals her shapely body in the official Miss England bikini – not forgetting her tiara of course – in her first bikini photoshoot since winning the Miss Surrey title.

Posing confidently poolside in the brief white gem-embossed Miss England bikini which she’ll wear in the pageant in July, Chloe appears completely lacking in self-consciousness.

Source: Daily Mail

I don’t know what’s sicker, finding a size 16 hot or making a fool out of a size 16 teenage girl by crowning her as Miss England?

Either way you Brits are sick!! Hahaha

Need more proof? Check out the best dressed list….Elton John’s on the list too. WTF?

26 thoughts on “Proof that the Brits are a bunch of sickos.”

  1. size 16 is super huge woei!!


    but anyways, some choices are made as “political” decisions to gain favour from the masses. in this case, the obese girls in uk (damn kao a lot) to be interested in the pageant (watching voting whatever).

    we all know how the obese girls alw bitch how it’s so unfair only skinny ones get to be in the limelight what. haha

    parisB>> andrea fonsenka is not as huge as this girl ler. shes slightly meatier than other girls in the contest. but seriously, at 5’11/60kg at that time is not obese like this whale of miss surrey. maybe a bit not toned la. but eewww double chin some more this chloe!

    send her to miss xlarge lar! or whatever. why must join this pageant only? create a new one la. diao

  2. simon: i also cannot lololol

    paris: andrea was definitly not size 16. and with the right clothes could look fairly fit.

    naeboo: yawor! im not sure in this case whether it’s politically motivated or rather a sarcastic throwback at the gov for being so ridiculously anti-anorexia that even a healthy size 8 is dubbed too skinny. it’s like life imitating Little Britain lol

    drekker: lolol kesian

  3. I dunno..I think its pretty cool they brand a size 16 as a pageant queen after seeing fine-figured chicks brazing in bikinis all the time.

    Whether this was intentional or not, its a big fuck you to those who percepts that thin=beautiful. And what exactly does thin means nowadays?

    BTW, she’s not that bad. Pretty cute, just not very toned.

  4. if she is naturally curvy and big boned, thats ok to be part of the beauty pageant thing
    just dont give the wrong perception on beauty, that it is okay to be over-weight, feeding on junks and not excercising regularly.

  5. st: stop the denial, you love it dontchu

    z: maybe? but it’s not healthy to look like that! i’m all for meaty girls in pageants but not one that will need to lose 5 stones in 10 years so her knees won’t buckle.

    davidlian: possibly.

    hategluttons: you spoke my mind.

    shadowfox: yeah the sickos.

  6. slowcatchupkuan: lmaooooo

    twosuperheroes: my thought is that this isn’t really about her, but what she represents. do we want our women to think it’s okay to look like that because they’re comfortable and confident with it? how’s that different from ignorance?

  7. hi, were you at italianies (pyramid)last sat? just curious :) (err.. i’m trying to not sound like a stalker.. haha)

  8. lol What was that about ‘gain favour from the masses’ ??? They didn’t have to elect a mass to the final. :-)

    Then again, we didn’t see how bad the other contestants were. Maybe they had a choice between whale and dog and the whale looked prettier. BUT, lets not forget that some people LIKE that sort of thing too. I mean, she’s not UGLY like some people and beauty contests also have MORE than just the bikini bit to them. They are judged on personality as well as poise and other things. If the anorexic ones all had zero brains and personalities and about as much poise as a bull with it’s testicles tied to it’s horns, then she may have actually been the BEST in show … I mean the best to chose.

    My brother Jeff saw her and thought she was HOT!!! [Keep your dinners down people!]

    But, it seems to be the opposite extreme to a LOT of people in pagents who haven’t eaten in four months. I know they’re critisizing her in the paper for being lazy and over eating, which doesn’t make a good role model, but under eating and falling down the drain whilst showering isn’t a good role model either.

    So, I think maybe we can cut the girl some slack. She’s not a beauty Queen by the standards we expect, but we also don’t know WHY she over eats [maybe she has major issues and comfort eats], and we also don’t know much else other than what the paper said about her.
    So, I’ll give her an ‘A’ for guts to enter the contest to begin with, and an ‘A’ for having larger boobs than myself. I might give her an ‘A’ for having won the contest as there is obviously something there more than meets the eye, and are we not always trying to teach others that we shouldn’t be cruel to people just because they are different?

    None of us are perfect, and lets face it, we all have things about ourselves worthy of love of some kind. [And if she did lose a few stone she’d probably be hotter than a lot of other girls. So, I wish her all the best and I hope she can lose weight before the final in order to have the ‘outer beauty’ people expect from a beauty Queen]. You never know, if she does lose the weight, maybe she might win [and winning in Surrey might just get her over her ‘comfort eating’ habit].

  9. We have been conditioned to think that slim and fit is beautiful and that is why girls worldwide batter and abuse themselves into shrinking to fit the world’s perception of beautiful. This unfortunately had lead to a lot of serious problems not just for women but growing up girls who starved themselves to death just to be acceptable. I dont think this is right. A size 0 is definitely not right at all!

    Yes, perhaps everyone here think that the girl above is repulsive or not qualified to stand for any beauty paegants because she is no size less than 16 but think again. Perhaps it is time that the world stop this skinny and fit is beautiful nonsense so that no women will have to die from aneroxia or bullimia effects or suffers low self esteem because they are big? Perhaps this is another step forward to recondition our little minds to accept women the way they are instead of dictating that they have to be of a certain size? Perhaps this is the next step after Milan’s fashion rule that models have to be of certain acceptable weight and size?

    From the remarks in here, it is very clear that you people are not kind to women or maybe even men that are big. Please bear in mind that there are a lot of reasons why people are big or in your term, FAT. Some of these reasons cannot be avoided or helped. So, what then? die and disappear from the face of this earth because there are people like you in here who will make life a living hell? Remember, Kimberly, you once said that respect is very important. Remember also that in the times of Renaissance, women were as big as the girl above or even bigger. Look at all the Michaelangelo paintings around and you will see the same type of fat women worshipped and adored. Remember again that Marilyn Monroe is a size 14! So, before any of you start to puke in your mouth or make crude remarks like the sound of flesh slapping doing doggie, think again, one day you might wake up looking just like that, nothing you do will make you shrink and you have to put with all the above remarks… It wont be very pleasant….

  10. dabido: i just think it’s irresponsible to subject this girl to ridicule by putting her in a bikini much less a beauty pageant.

    notty gurl: yeah many ways ppl end up looking like that, reasons such as gluttony, laziness, sickness and psychology. except for the latter two, i don’t think it’s okay to get to that size. and it’s not the times of renaissance anymore, it’s the 21st century where the sun is hot and the food is fattening and medical advancement has got us living far longer lives. what i’m trying to say here ppl should be moderate, instead of going the two extremes; skinny or obese. where is the middle ground?

    it’s not right to support or endorse someone that size in a beauty pageant, what message does it send to younger girls? that it’s okay to be fat and unhealthy because ppl don’t like em skinny anymore? this anti-anorexia effort is certainly not going the right direction imho. why can’t ppl just be pro-healthy?

    as for the other comments, well ultimately it’s the choice of words people use. anyhow being in a beauty pageant means one must be prepared to be judged. skinny, healthy or fat won’t stop the mouths shooting off. and the ugly truth hurts more unfortunately.

  11. as british and a little larger … i applaud the fact that a size 16 beauty can win a contest! but what a shame the girl in the pic is so flabby, i hope her prize means she can afford a gym membership and shape up. agree with what you say, kimberley about being pro-healthy

    still wondering where tiny waisted malaysian girls actually put their internal organs! (in their designer handbags?)

  12. dabido>>why there’s a need “to gain favour from the masses”: there’s an ever-changing trend on choosing beauty queens. it used to be south american beauties then indians. now it’s mostly orientals. if u connect it to the current economy wave/fashion trends, u wld get it.

    there’s alw a political move even in beauty pageants. havent u noticed also that the host country’s representative alw go into the finals too?

    notty>>as much as i would like to go into a debate, i still remain firm on my stand to dislike fat ppl. this doesnt mean that i glorify skinny ppl.

    fat ppl are plain lazy. not true? if u like being that size, dont bitch abt it. dont complain that ppl dont pay u attention. dont whine abt not having nice clothes to wear.etc

    be pro-healthy like kim said.

    all the talk about how someone sized 16 shld be proud to be in a beauty pageant is all too optimistic.

    chucking one fat girl into a pageant wont change ppl’s perception that fat is unhealthy. being thin can be unhealthy too but it’s how u attain it that shld be the focus. unfortunately, thats not alw the case.

    all the skinny-bashing wont help the case of being bigger sized and how some of u wld call “healthier looking”.

    and btw, there’s alw diff sources telling us what size marilyn was. so hard to believe who now. i have heard she’s size 12 uk, size 6 usa and now, size 14 from u. im sure all this is fantastic brain-washing from female magazines.

    and also remember that current global weathers are somewhat hotter than b4. there’s no need for all that layers of extra padding. this in turn made rubenesque women a mere fashion trend as it is now to have a slimmer silhouette. and also the lack of space.

    bibliodibudouchuu>> we asians have diff sets of genes from our ancestors who lived in diff climates than urs. ultimately that means we got the smaller sets of internal organs as well as smoother skin and black hair. maybe that also means we get smaller eyes coz there’s more glare in the orient. beats me hahha

    doesnt mean we r smaller in general, we purge and dont eat.

  13. bibliobibuli: yes, she doesn’t look healthy at all. healthy look for the win. asian women were found to carry more fat than their caucasian counterpart despite the more petite size.

    naeboo: totally agree with you. and marilyn monroe looks at most UK 10 to me. there is no way a size 16 could have a waist like that, hehe. nvm…longass comment is best haha

  14. Naeboo – I was quoting your ‘gain favour from the masses’ as a joke. Cause the Beauty Queen has a lot of mass. So therefore maybe her supporters are fat. Thus, the masses in this case are not the HUGE number of people, but the Huge People. :-)

    Kim – I think the girl put herself in the beauty contest. :-) If she gets ridicule, it might be from the masses! :-)

  15. First, a UK size 16 is a US size 14. Second, this girl has every right to display herself and enter competitions if that makes her happy and feel good about herself.
    Far too many personal comments here, Kimberly, how would you feel if someone commented on your flat tush or puffball eyes with no lashes, hurt I would think and rightly so.
    Leave the girl alone, she is all natural and you should be ashamed that a palm reader called you fickle minded – not broadcast it as if it’s a good thing

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