Awesome siu yuk/roasted pork at Hai Lam Chicken Rice, Pudu

Ok, so I’ve been consistently taunted by members of #porkgang for having never tried this supposedly awesome siu yuk (chinese roast pork) in Pudu. Considering I grew up in Cheras and with its proximity to Pudu and all, I admit, it is quite embarrassing that I’d never heard of the place let alone tried the food.

So, after the Gatsby event at Berjaya Times Square, we decided to have the infamous siu yuk for lunch. Besides, the place is located practically behind Berjaya Times Square.

As I caught a glimpse of the unassuming corner kopitiam, ST pointed out the stall called Hai Lam Chicken Rice to me but all I saw was a row of roast chickens – no roast pork in sight. A long queue made up of hungry folks was visible. I tell you, at that moment my heart sank with disappointment. I was so sure that the siu yuks were already sold out. Parking was already a nightmare in that area and it took us a while looking for space. In the end, we decided to double-park. If you prefered peace of mind, you could park at Shaw Parade which is 2-3 minutes walk from the kopitiam.

When I joined the queue, I noticed a row of roasted pork slabs hung majestically at the back and suddenly, everything in my life was good again.

Beautiful slabs of siu yuk.

A lone man was operating the stall with an assistant helping him to take orders from people. After queuing up for a while I realised that the queue was only for takeaway customers. I could have sat down comfortably and waited for someone to take our orders -_-

Chop, chop, chop!

The man really did not skim on quality. My heart ached seeing all the perfectly roasted pork albeit a little charred get discarded. A woman next to me asked if she could bag them, but the man told her that he’s selling them to the Teow Chew porridge operators for cooking “choy kiok”, the delicious tangy stew made with various leftovers and lots of pickled mustard and tamarind.

A pile of roasted pork that didn’t make the cut.

We ordered 10 strips (RM13 each) and 1 whole roast chicken (price not sure). After what seemed like an eternity, the food came.

Check out this glorious sight…

Only a video can describe how much I enjoyed myself so watch this :D

Oh my lard, watching the video brings back so much saliva in my damn mouth!!!!!!

Last picture of heaven.

I know you want it so make it happen! By the way, they only start selling the siu yuk at 12.30pm so adjust your time properly ;)

Hai Lam Chicken Rice Stall
30,Jalan Nyonya,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2145 2512

16 thoughts on “Awesome siu yuk/roasted pork at Hai Lam Chicken Rice, Pudu”

  1. one of the places i miss most in malaysia! and also one of the best things abt interning with nuffnang under a siew yoke loving boss last time!

  2. su ann: how come everyone still so slim in nuffnang one???

    ky: lol, well did the right thing.

    st: go eat

    lyrical lemongrass: the q and being late are so worth it though..heheh

    shirley: when u come to msia again, jom!

  3. kekeke…I no longer need to hunt for the perfect siew-yuk – the moomia has perfected her recipe!! *slurp*…fresh from the oven can die go straight to heaven… :D

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