Charlie Charles

Okay it’s Friday! Yay!

Since I have absolutely nothing to blog about because my social life is in a rut, here are some pictures of Charlie taken over the weeks.

# Here is Charlie right after we picked him up from the sitter. This is one of the rare moments where he actually looks happy. After spending the entire weekend at the sitter, reuniting with us tends to bring a smile or two to his dopey face :)

# See what I mean? This is him in my car. But this time he’s on the way to the sitter after spending an entire week with us. He loves his nanny aunty and all her family members :)

# This is him sulking because we’re watching TV, hence not giving him much attention. He’s so emo!!!!

# Charlie napping, all snuggled up in my armpit…

# This is a picture of my arm near my pit. How does this picture relate to Charlie? Well, before you decide that I have extremely hairy armpits, please bear in mind that this is the aftermath of Charlie snuggling in my underarm.

# This is Charlie, sleeping like a human being.

# This is Charlie being camera shy :P

Okay, till next week. Have a great weekend :)

13 thoughts on “Charlie Charles”

  1. my dog does the same, sleeps on its back and legs sprawled everywhere…it’s a deep sleep position, very relaxing and comfortable i guess.

  2. HAHA! Glad you cleared that up coz I didn’t see any excessive foliage last time we met so I’ll be wondering if you took DHEA or something. ;)

  3. aud: thanks :D :D

    ib: i think it’s sign of a happy dog :D

    merryn: hahah yeah…thanks merryn, u too! :)

    hb: lol. am saving his sheddings for pillow stuffing. kidding!

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