Nice Japanese crepes from Shimino, Ikano

One day while ber-dating with the bf at Ikano Power Centre, we stumbled upon this stall called Shimino. To be honest, I would not have given the stall a second glance but since I had seen a tweet earlier on how good it was, I decided to give it a go.


Crossing my fingers, I ordered strawberry & cream. It was very good. The crepe was thin and soft, the strawberries were juicy & tart but best of all, the cream they used was real! I was impressed! The bf tasted it and wanted another bite but I decided to get him another one because I refused to share :P

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of it but here’s a replica of the strawberry and cream Japanese crepe I had…

Fakeplan strawberry & cream Japanese crepe.

Obviously, the real thing did not look as perfect but it does taste as good as the plastic one looks.

The next time we were in Ikano, we couldn’t resist having Shimino’s Japanese crepes again. This time I had the mango & honey.

Mangoes drizzled with honey in cream wrapped in chilled, thin, soft crepes. Hmmmm.

The bf chose chocolate cheesecake with banana. According to him it was awesomesauce. I took a bite and he was right!

It’s got a pretty decent selection of flavours so you won’t get bored that fast. However, like me you’d probably have a firm regular favourite – mine’s the strawberry & cream :)

Wide selection of flavours.

Price starts from RM7.90. I think it’s reasonably priced and is a good deviation from the regular desserts we get in KL/PJ.

I is happy!

Shimino Japanese Crepes
LG Floor, Ikano Power Centre (By the main escalators),
Mutiara Damansara.