Roti pong!

If I were a prostitute, I’d call myself Roti Pong. First of all, it’s such a memorable name that my Johns would never forget me. You can’t help but notice that it’s a rather glamourous one too. You know, when I need a career upgrade…imagine “Roti Pong Doing it on Top, Bottom, and Back” printed on a DVD sleeve. In a nutshell, Roti Pong spells nasty. Roti Pong is freaky.

Roti Pong the hooker/pornstar is also a lawsuit waiting to happen because the name has been taken up by another company. However, this company shares a lot of things in common with Roti Pong were she in the flesh trade.

Here is a list of commonalities, should both Roti Pong exist in the same dimension:

#1 – Roti Pong shares the same name with Roti Pong

#2 – Roti Pong and Roti Pong are affordable to common people. Oni 1 dorra pifty sen.

#3 – Both Roti Pongs are made of very few ingredients…simple and uncomplicated. But the standout ingredient is “air abu”, which loosely translates into ash water. I don’t know why ash water is used and I’ve only seen them on tv where crazy slutty bitches trick their men to drink ash water as part of some voodoo ritual to stop them from leaving their crazy slutty asses. Air abu…keep you hooked on me.

#4 – Roti Pong and Roti Pong are all about the titties. Who cares about conversations?

#5 – Roti Pong and Roti Pong are an acquired taste. Some people find them nasty, some people find them absolutely heavenly.

And lastly,

#6 – Roti Pong and Roti Pong are very convenient to get. The 1st Roti Pong you can find at Lorong Haji Taib or miscellaneous streets that are rat infested, dark and damp. 2nd Roti Pong at your neighbourhood 7-Eleven.

Which Roti Pong rocks your boat?