Project Alpha 2 Blogger Launch

Who could have foreseen that blogging would become what it’s like today? To be honest, I still don’t think that it’s appropriate to call some bloggers as celebrities, but I guess it’s a term that easily sums it all up. I mean, bloggers are just normal everyday people. They generally can’t sing, can’t act and can’t perform magic tricks (although some do, so I guess it’s okay to call them celebrities). Although bloggers are not in the business of entertaining people, they are in the field of inspiring people. Everybody inspires everybody, some more than others…of course. Well-known bloggers appeal to their audience because they lead different & interesting lives. It’s nice to see and learn what what normal, everyday people can do and how they enrich their lives…along the way learning a thing or two.

It’s great to be inspired by people like Haze, who tirelessly refines her craft and comes out with amazing work of art time after time. It’s great to read people like Su Ann, who inspires me to travel and to see positiveness in everything no matter how grim things could be. Lets not also forget Timothy, who inspires young people to do something successful for themselves.

Project Alpha Season 2!

I feel that Project Alpha is not a show that will appeal to just bloggers but to everybody else. It’s interesting to watch and read about people who change the world but it’s also cool to explore the lives of people who chang the lives of others around them. Now Project Alpha is in its second season featuring Ringo, Joe, Ninie, Niki, ST, KY and the only actual true blue celebrity Azwan Ali.

The featured bloggers.

Remember my post on the behind the scenes of Project Alpha 2 back in January? 3 months later and after so much anticipation, Project Alpha 2 was finally launched! I went to the blogger’s launch last night at Cineleisure and had so much. You could really feel the excitement in the air, you could tell that everyone was genuinely looking forward to watching the show.

With the gorgeous Nuffies.

Rina, Tim and Nicholas joined next :D

With Project Alpha S1’s Aud and kena photobombed by Michael & Project Alpha S2’s KY -_-

With gorgeous Fresh and kena photobombed, again by ST -_-

ST’s got his own bunting!!

So proud of my man :)

With KY and Niki. WTF, Michael -_”

With Kelvin, one of the crew members of Project Alpha. Yes, I know he is pure hotness too.

With Tim.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa

Fourfeetnine is taller!


Pro posing with Joe.

Finally, this google search inspired the picture below:

Not having knees gives you night vision.

Project Alpha Season 2 will be premiering on 19 April 2010 on or catch it on your television (yes!) on Astro channel 705, Hitz.TV :)