Dinner at Damansara Village @Imbi with Patrick Teoh

I had a fabulous time last weekend at the new Damansara Village branch in Imbi, Kuala Lumpur thanks to Suanie and Patrick Teoh. The company was great, the food was even better!

Damansara Village @Imbi.

At first we were quite worried about the availability of parking space being it’s in KL and all. But to our delight, there’s a massive open space carpark right in front of Damansara Village which charged only RM3 per car.

Damansara Village @Imbi is quite a large premise with both indoor and al-fresco dining. It’s spacious and comfortable and you definitely won’t feel like canned sardines there.

Spacious air-conditioned indoor dining area.

First up on the menu…the steamed organic village chicken or “cho kai”. According to Patrick, the chickens used were free-range for a grand period of 90 days instead of the usual 30 days that you get from supermarkets. The extra exercise gives the chicken a special “chewy in a good way” texture which I have to admit…was very, very nice. In other words, the chicken was firm but still very juicy. Hmmm.

Steamed “cho kai”.

Next up, the scrumptious bamboo clams. Steamed with chilies and fermented beans, there were a couple more ingredients that I couldn’t put my finger on. Who really cares what goes into the making though…what’s important was that the clams were juicy, flavourful and not overcooked .

Steamed bamboo clams.

Patrick probably got wind that some of us (ie: KY, ST, Suanie and myself) are from #porkgang because the following dish served was the most awesomesauce pork trotter braised with chinese black vinegar, possibly one of my most favourite dishes in the world, even more so than bak kut teh.

I just couldn’t stop eating this to be honest. You could tell that good quality vinegar was used for the dish because it didn’t taste of that biting sourness that comes with cheap, ordinary chinese black vinegar. I don’t know why I didn’t ask for rice because that would have made the dish perfect.

Braised pork trotter with chinese black vinegar – multiple thumbs up!

And then after the rich tasting pork trotter, it’s as though Patrick could read our minds…he gave us spicy pepper soup with pork guts. I was in heaven! The guts were plenty and the soup was spicy, just the way I love it. Was sweating like a pig at this point but it didn’t bother me, not one bit.

Spicy pepper soup with pig innards.

After all the pork dishes, it’s time for some fish. Ladies & gentlemen, let me present you…Steamed Wild Haruan. Specially caught by Orang Asli from the river, the fish really lived up to its reputation. Although a simple dish, the taste was brilliant. Nothing is more satisfying than a perfectly steamed fish – not overcooked or undercooked and no strong ingredients that overpowered the taste of the flaky flesh.

Steamed wild haruan – unforgettable.

The salt baked crabs came next. Well, the crabs were a little smaller but were fresh through and through. I was so glad it’s salt baked and not cooked in some overpowering gravy like marmite or chilli because the only right way to eat crabs is to have them baked or grilled with a bit of salt :)

Salt baked crabs.

Meticulously peeling a crab claw!

Trying very hard not to jump up and down in happiness :D

Crabs were followed by a very special dish – Village steamed duck! Have you ever tasted steamed ducks before? They’re always roasted or braised but never steamed right? It is a must try!

Village steamed duck.

Last but not least, we were served clams steamed in wine. It was indeed a very nice finish with all the rich food we had been savouring before. The clams were juicy, not the least chewy and the soup, infused with the sweet taste of the clams and a generous amount of chinese rice wine was absolutely delicious.

Steamed clams with wine.

Well, we were a little full by now and thought that the night was about to end when we were surprised by MORE food!

First, a curious plate of chinese herbs and a miniature wine pitcher were served. And then came a couple of plates of uncooked seafood and other delicious morsels.

Am bad with naming chinese herbs, can only identify boxthorn fruits and scallions.

Clockwise from left – Mussels & absolutely delicious real tasting vegetarian abalones. Noodles & eggs. Fish noodles, fishballs, tofus, wontons and assortment of goodies.

Then a steamboat pot was placed in the middle of the table. Of course! How can we leave Damansara Village without tasting its signature steamboats?

The herbs and wine were poured into the soup.

Patrick dunking in the fresh and ginormous prawns.

Baby let it boil. Spot the crab claw peeking out?

Needless to say, at this point we were salivating all over again…

Have to take picture while taking food otherwise will not be any food left, hahaha.

What can I say, the steamboat was top notch too. It was so good I was determined to drink up all the soup, which I kinda did :P

Going only for RM18.80 per pax, it’s definitely a great deal considering the ingredients are always fresh. With an additional of RM12 you can get the herbal base soup, just like what we had.

Before I end this supremely long post, please take a look at this:

This is a car.

And it’s edible!!!! Mrs. Teoh cutting the car up.

Made by Min, Patrick’s very talented other half. It’s not all about looks….the car, sorry I mean the cake was moist and delicious too! Check out her masterpieces at this website.

Thanks for a great night of delicious food and great company, Patrick :)

If you’re still unconvinced, watch out for more posts on Damansara Village @Imbi by KY, Shaolin Tiger, Suanie, Ciki, Bangsar-babe, Meena, Fireangel, Yiling and Reta :)

Damansara Village @ Imbi
32 & 34, Jalan Utara,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 KL.
Tel: 03-2141 1678
Operating hours: 5.30pm-3.00am (daily)