Totally random tutorial on skincare transference :P

Yeah this tutorial was conceived on a whim because my camera’s battery was low when I tried to transfer pictures to my computer. So this would have to do for now while I wait for the camera to charge :D

I’ve been using Rosken since I was in mid teens, thanks to the recommendation of my Mom who’s been a loyal fan for years. It’s by far the best and most effective moisturiser that I’ve ever used, keeping my skin soft even though I spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms. Rosken was truly a lifesaver when I was working as a flight stewardess, as my skin was prone to chapping due to long hours in a pressurised cabin, on top of the cold & dry climates of some countries. I also have a skin condition called atopic eczema, so I’m predisposed to getting dry skin but Rosken prevents my knees, elbows and shins from turning scaly. By the way, I recommend NOT to use it when you have eczema flare-ups!

Man this is starting to sound like an advertorial although it’s not, hehe.

Anyway, this is not a free plug for Rosken but namely a post on how to make it more user friendly. You see, in spite of its awesomesauceness, Rosken is traditionally sold in jars. I hate skincare in jars because it’s unhygienic. Think sticking fingers into the jar over and over again. Yeah, I guess you can use spatulas but that’s just too much effort. And my biggest peeve about using skincare in jars is when the product get stuck under my nails…it’s so gross -_-. I used to pour Rosken right out of its jar onto my skin and despite years of practice I still manage to overpour sometimes, staining bedsheets and whatever object my leg was propped over.

Rosken in jars.

I’ve always thought that Rosken would be perfect if it had been sold in pump bottles but alas it never happened. They have this new bottle packaging which expels the product through a tiny hole – much better but also MUCH more expensive. So, in the end I’ve no choice but continue buying the traditional jars.

So, yes I’ve been entertaining the idea of transfering the product from the jar to a pump bottle but I could never figure out how to do it hygienically and without wastage. The product is thick and creamy so it doesn’t flow fluidly but rather in dollops, I entertained the idea of using a funnel but it’ll probably clog the narrow passageway -_-

This picture is just a re-enacment. It doesn’t work!!!

And then it happened, the idea struck me. Well, at this point you probably have figured it out too but since I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and neither are some people who read this blog (heh sorry!!) so please bear with me….


See what I mean? Just use the existing pump from the bottle to pump the product from the jar into the bottle. It took me less than 10 minutes to tranfer 250ml into the bottle and without any spillage. All you need is time and a strong thumb :)

p/s: You should get a brand new empty pump bottle (easily available at major pharmacies) but because I can, I just re-used the pump bottle of a different moisturiser brand (which I procured as a door gift at an event :P). I could have cleaned the bottle too but I didn’t because the “I can” principle applies yet again in this situation.